Saturday, July 23, 2011

Seven Samurai

From back cover:
Desperate village hires seven samurai to protect it from marauders in this crown jewel of  Japanese cinema. No other film so seamlessly weaves philosophy and entertainment, delicate human emotions and relentless action. featuring Japan's legendary star, the great Toshiro Mifune, Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai is an inspired epic, a triump of art, and unforgettable three-hour ride.

Toshiro Mifune - Kikuchiyo
Takashi Shimura - Kambei
Isao kimura - Katsushiro
Yoshio Inaba - Gorobei
Daisuke Kato - Shichiroji
Minoru Chiaki - Heihachi
Seiji Miyaguchi - Kyuzo

Director - Akira Kurosawa
Produced by Sojiro Motoki (1954), 207 minutes.

First time I saw this film in 1985 when there was Japanese Films Festival in my campus. The film takes place in 1587 during the warring states period of Japan. I was very impressed. My emotion runs with this film. Moreover when three surviving samurai are left to observe the villagers happily planting the next crop. Though they have won the battle for the farmers, they have lost their friends. "Again we are defeated," Kambei muses. Kambei is The leader of the group. "The farmers have won. Not us."

Mainichi Film Concours (1955) for Best Supporting Actor (Seiji Miyaguchi)
Venice Film Festival (1954) - Silver Lion for Akira Kurosawa
Jussi Award (1959) for best foreign actor (Akira Kurosawa) and (best foreign actor (Takashi Shimura)

Since I have seen this film, I want to collect Akira Kurosawa's movies. I have some of them and I will post later.
I give ***** for this film.

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